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Since 2007, NuVinci has already seen strong growth with a unique variable gear ratio hub being spec’ed in a number of OEM applications and built up into wheels separately by independent bike shops and riders looking for something different.

But now with commuter e-bikes looking to benefit from the same smooth CVT gear range, parent company Fallbrook is rebranding the tech under a more e-bike focused name. The same tech has also been licensed under the NuVinci name for motorized vehicle markets, so the new enviolo division aims to better differentiate the bike focused hubs. And it won’t be only e-bikes really. You will still be able to put a enviolo hub in a traditional bike if you want.

With the new reorganization, enviolo also has five new drivetrain group targeting different users – for city, trekking, cargo, sportive or commercial bike & e-bike applications. The new name takes over from January 1, with model year 2019 parts making their way out to market through mid-2018.


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